About Us

galileofbcoverphotoI started Web Design by Galileo in 1997. We cater to a unique B2B environment with such tools as WordPress (a CMS – Content Management System).

We offer content writing, logo design, web design, hosting, site maintenance and e-commerce solutions.

We have recently expanded into Digital Marketing — Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Analytics.

I have been a member of the HTML Writers Guild almost from the beginning of that organization in 1998, and am currently a member in good standing of the International Webmaster’s Association.

I’ve spent most of my life in the practical worlds of construction, management, commerce and non-profits. I’ve had teachers, mentors, friends, & partners who freely gave advise and wisdom. This understanding stands on a foundation of three sayings which guide me,

“Reach what you can, from where you are, first”. This phrase came to me as I was perched atop a heavy, wooden extension ladder painting a two story house as a teenager. I faced the daunting task of collapsing that wooden monster, moving it, and extending it again, three times to reach and paint around the overhead electrical connection to the house. It became almost a mantra for me as I first reached left-handed to paint as far as I could, then moved the ladder, one time, & positioned it to allow me to reach right-handed to finish that part of the job. It has remained with me to this day as a mantra-like mind talk.

The second phrase is attributed to St. Francis of Assisi — “First do what is necessary, then, do what is possible, and before you realize – you’re doing the impossible”. I have encouraged myself and teams of men & women to break down a project into these smaller stages to build toward the final goal. It works in team building, in project management — and — in child rearing, caregiving and convalescence. It is a powerful and valid axiom.

The third saying is — “Qui Docet, Discet” — it means, “They who teach, learn”. I attribute learning this phrase to Mrs. Henrietta Smith, my high school Latin teacher. Mrs. Smith was one of those teachers who see things in you, you don’t see in yourself; and she was right. Throughout my life — raising my daughters, guiding apprentices, building teams — not once, have I failed to learn something “from” those around me. It is an incredible actualization.

We can build your project, if we put in place the necessary stepping stones. I am eager to learn what we can do together.

I have, on file, several letters of recommendation from
— Rev. Joseph Yeakel, Bishop -The United Methodist Church
— Mr. Millard Fuller, Founder – Habitat for Humanity International
— Governor William Donald Schaffer, The State of Maryland
— James Earl Carter, 39th President of the United States