The Building Blocks Of The New Marketing Strategy

Are You Social Media Marketing?

Today is seems everyone is touched by Social Media — but it can be confusing knowing which is really useful (and which is a waste).






There are hundreds of Social Media sites.

Understanding which can benefit your strategy is like choosing tools. Some tools work better than others — and sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error to make the right fit. This chart divides social media sites into four general categories. (click image to enlarge)







There is NO doubt about the benefits

However, if you keep in mind folks aversion to being “sold”, you need to take the approach of being of service. At first, it may seem you’re “giving” it away, but in this new paradigm what you are doing is — “building social authority”. (click image to enlarge)




The New Marketing Strategy

As you can see, most Social Media falls into the heading of “Promotion” (some is in “Publish”). Whether you or a staff member or a paid consultant handle your Social Media —- the key to successfully utilizing these tools is consistent, even exposure. Let it lapse for several months and you’re virtually reinventing the wheel to get back to where you were.

Make no mistake, when you integrate Social Media into your marketing strategy two things happen —
1. It becomes your baby or garden or whatever comparison you make — It needs supervision, care and tending.
2. You can’t “control” it — you can engage it, add to it, protect it and nuture it. So your constant vigilance is required. BUT — the benefits are nothing short of astounding, if nurtured well. (click image to enlarge)